NCS Mexico Mission Trip

The Quick Facts:

When: June 14-20, 2025(proposed date, could be moved)

Who: 9th-12th Graders

Where: Ensenada, Mexico at the City of Children

How Much: $ 1,200

Required Deposit: $200

Deadline to Sign-Up: January 10, 2024

The City of Children is a children's home located in Ensenada, Mexico on the Baja Peninsula about two hours south of San Diego. It serves as a location to help children and families in need in the name of Jesus. Having been open for 50 years, the City of Children has spent 5 decades impacting the community for the Kingdom. Every summer they open their doors to groups who are invited to come and share the love of Jesus. The purpose of our visit is to be a friend and an example of Jesus to a child. Our kindness and attention may be the love that helps heal a broken heart. If you will reach out to the children, God will overflow your heart with blessings. When you serve a meal, give a gift or drive a nail, you are doing it for Jesus as well as a child.

It is a week-long trip. We will fly out of Nashville on Saturday, June 14 and return on Friday, June 20. While we are at the City of Children we will present a VBS each evening. We will find out our VBS theme in February. 

During the day, we will be divided into groups that rotate between working inside the walls of the home, a group that will go out into the community serving through a work project, and a group that will spend time with the babies and toddlers. We will reunite for lunch, have time to play with the children(aka get beat at soccer), and have an evening meal together before our VBS time. 

This is an excellent opportunity for first-time mission trippers and seasoned veterans as well. There is no doubt that you leave with your spiritual cup overflowing. 

For more information on the history and mission of City of Children, check out THEIR WEBSITE.

Our group tours the City on Sunday

Visiting the surrounding neighborhood and delivering some clothes and meals

Every child has a special story

Playtime with the kids is so much fun!